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About Viki Flint (Owner of Ebony Equine Fitness):

After emigrating from the UK to Australia five years ago, I decided on a change of career. Having always been passionate about horses, as both a rider and owner, I took a job as a stable hand in Perth, WA, so I could work with horses and have never looked back.

To improve my equine knowledge, I enrolled with Equestricare and completed the Basic and Intermediate courses in 2010. I then used these skills to treat my own horses and horses in my care. In 2012, I enrolled on the Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certificate. After completing the Equine Exercise Physiology section of the course, I realised that Equine Conditioning is not a well-known concept in Australia.

The name Ebony Equine Fitness is inspired by my own horse, Ebano (which means Ebony in Spanish). He has a condition called bone spavin and the veterinary advice was to keep him in work, get him fit and to help him lose weight. This motivated me to set up Ebony Equine Fitness, a service intended to help horse owners and riders in Australia get their horses fit and conditioned, ready for whatever they hope to do.

I have now graduated and gained my certificate in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and practice Equine Sports Massage and Red Light Therapy, as well as writing individually tailored Equine Fitness programmes.
I am a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) and I am fully insured.

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