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Equine Conditioning and Fitness Programmes

This is a service to help horse owners and riders get their horse fit and conditioned, ready for every day riding or to get them competition ready. Conditioning is essentially fitness training, and the aim is to enable the horse to perform at its best, whilst trying to minimize the chances of injury.

What is involved in an individually tailored equine fitness and conditioning programme?

Step 1: A questionnaire is sent to clients to find out the rider’s timetable and goals, the previous injuries or issues you and your horse might have; and your current riding schedule.

Step 2: A visit is arranged so a fitness assessment can be done of your horse, including body score condition, heart and respiration rates at rest and after exercise. During this visit, any such as the time you have available for riding/training your horse, any injuries your horse has had, soundness problems, or riding issues you have will be discussed.

Step 3: Based on the fitness levels of your horse and your timetable, an individually tailored fitness programme is written for you and your horse. The programme details a timetable of fitness training and what exercises you can do to enable your horse to reach their optimum fitness whilst minimising the chances of injury.



Remote Equine Fitness & Rehabilitation Programmes


  • Remote Assessments.

  • A personalised programme for you and your horse.

  • Follow up consultations.

  • The programme also includes a free e-book and resources on any condition/issue your horse might have.



​Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Equine Sports Massage Therapy involves massaging of your horse to help them relax as a whole; it helps relax and relieve muscle spasms and knots; helps enhance muscle tone; helps promote healing; improves circulation and rehydrate the tissues. This can improve the overall performance of your horse, help resolve any muscular problems and reduce the chances of injury.

Red Light (Photonic) Therapy

Red Light (Photonic) Therapy is the use of light to promote the healing of the muscles of the horse and improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation. It is also possible to use red light to treat muscles on the horse and to use it to treat acu-points. Horses with muscle problems or specific issues such as a sore poll, sore back, or arthritis can benefit from this treatment.

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