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Common Issues


Ebony Equine Fitness can help with specific issues your horse might have, helping them get back on track, fit and rehabilitated.

Return to work after spelling or injury
Stifle Lock
Kissing Spines

Colic Surgery
Ligament and Tendon Injuries
Saddle fitting
Rider injuries

These lovely legs are those of Ebony Equine Fitness’s own horse Ebano. There is nothing remarkable in this picture, except he is happily cantering on the correct canter lead. The reason that I am hi-lighting this is because last year he couldn’t comfortably do this, he was disuniting in canter and struggling to take the correct canter lead. This was due to arthritis in the hocks, for which he got hock injections, Pentosan, regular massages, red light therapy and he wears Back on Track hock boots.

After veterinary treatment, he was put on a conditioning programme to get him fit and help with the pain in his hocks (exercise helps lubricate the joints). This conditioning programme included lots of stretching; trail rides in walk with lots of straight lines; riding on soft surfaces (to limit concussion); no small circles or lunging (as it puts more pressure on his hocks); slowly building up to walk and trot with some arena work (only large circles). We are now at the stage where he is able to do short bursts of canter comfortably.

Arthritis is a common condition in horses but with a good conditioning programme you can help your horse feel more comfortable, get them fitter, and help limit the effects of the condition.

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