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Sophie Warren SW Equestrian


"We've been using Viki Flint since she qualified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist through Equestricare and she has become an integral part of keeping our horses fit and sound so they can perform at their best. Her own business, Ebony Equine Fitness, adds an extra layer of support and expertise for us and our clients which has been invaluable for both the dressage and eventing horses."  - Sophie Warren, SW Equestrian



Tracey Hotker & the Boys (Juni, Tiny, & Dash)


"Highly Highly Recommend Viki….  Words just don’t say enough!

I have been using Viki now for over 6 months on my boys who are all different breeds, shapes and sizes…..and they love her to bits. They love their massages and I know it helps them 10 fold with all their little issues.  Not only is  Viki a brilliant horsewoman she is also professional in her approach and she treats all horses as if they are her own,  you can see from their eyes  that they relax to her voice and touch.  Viki’s knowledge on horse welfare is second to none, and the best bit is she is so easy to get along with.  I now will not use anyone else!"

"Thank you again Viki for all your help, putting up with all my rescues and their problems and always being available whether by phone, email or in person…..I truly have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone and happy for anyone to contact me for a referral."



Tracey Lane Geraldton WA


"After a forced 2 month break (due to rider injury) I needed help with getting Diamond fit and ready to event at Pre Novice level.  I found Ebony Equine Fitness through Facebook and after completing the remote assessment and discussing my requirements with Viki Flint received a 12 week fitness plan.  The program started with the basics then moved onto harder exercises and fitness work.  After completing the plan Diamond has competed in 3 ODES and has coped with the events really well and recovered very quickly with no injuries or soreness."
"I found that after completing the assessment on Diamond - Heart rate, temperature and respiration recovery rates - I am more able to see if he is coping with the work that he is doing, whether I am pushing him a bit hard or if he can cope with more work.  It has given me a better understanding of the fitness that is required for Diamond to be able to compete at his best and recover quickly.   Even now nearly 6 weeks after finishing the fitness plan I am still using the exercises to ensure Diamond is fit and supple enough to enable him to work at his best.  Thank you Ebony Equine Fitness."


Jess, Vinnie & Banjo

"I cannot thank Viki enough for what she has done for me and my boy! What started as a fitness program has now been changed to a rehab conditioning program as Viki picked up on an underlying issue that the vets had never noticed before. He now is getting the proper treatment and I believe that if Viki had not picked up his issue by the time someone had noticed it would be too late for anything to help him. She always has time to answer my dozens of questions and has even attended a vet visit so that she could speak with the vet regarding his rehab conditioning program. The boys love their massage from Viki and she does such a great job! And always with a huge smile! Words cannot express how thankful I am that I found Viki and for all she has done! Thank you for giving me more time with my special boy!!!"

Rob, Isabelle & Sparkles, Bullsbrook

“I am just amazed at how far my little paint mare has come after 2 treatments with Viki from Ebony Equine Fitness.
Viki found some old unknown injuries that may have contributed to our mares soreness after being broken in…
Already our mare is moving a lot more freely, trotting, and has minimal back soreness now, and above all she enjoys her time with Viki..
Viki is very professional, knowledgeable but above all kind and caring with our mare…
Our fears of our mare only being useful as a broodmare, have turned into hope that she will be able to be ridden and possibly shown again.
I cannot thank Viki enough and would highly recommend anybody in using Viki’s services….”



Belinda & Froggy

"Having a very large dressage performance horse, who I believe is destined for GP dressage, I do all I can to ensure that he is kept happy, sound and comfortable not just for competition and training but for every day life. Revelwood Fredo (aka Froggy) is a “sports machine” but he is also my best friend.

I have always worked closely with my vet to ensure that Froggy maintains peak fitness levels and optimal health. It has only just been recently that, due to his size, I have struggled with some aspects of soundness.
After doing my own research I have now added Viki from Ebony Equine Fitness to my close knit team of performance horse specialists to ensure that Froggy receives the best treatment that Perth has to offer.
Viki has been able to locate and immediately treat painful areas that have an adverse impact on schooling, which in turn has helped me modify my training program. It has also been incredibly beneficial to pin point areas of muscular weaknesses and revamp my schooling to specifically target such areas.
Viki’s conditioning program also added peace of mind when Froggy was just recently brought back in to work from an extended break. It’s nice to know that an experienced professional has tailored a program for my “sports machine” that can be added to my normal repertoire of exercises to safely expedite a return to the competition circuit.
With horses there are no guarantees, but I will always give my horses the best that I can – and with Viki … that’s not hard!!!"

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